Do you love discovering new music? Are you interested in intersectional feminism and today’s issues facing women, queer, and femme people? Join Izzy each week as she interviews guests ranging from DIY musicians to established bands about the challenges of navigating the music world as women and femme people today and how each guest is fighting for a more hopeful and inclusive future. We discuss the music that inspires them, their songwriting process, everyday lives, and more.


Demystifying Band Management and Publicity with Kenzie Davis Sounding Out with Izzy: A Grrrl's Two Sound Cents Podcast

Behind many great bands are mastermind managers and PR teams working the magic behind the scenes. The Beatles had Brian Epstein. The Strokes had the Wiz Kid extraordinaire Ryan Gentles. But managers and publicists are not only useful for legacy artists; they can also be extraordinarily helpful for smaller musicians who aim to grow their audience and output. My guest today is Kenzie Davis, who is a publicist at Big Hassle Media. Kenzie and I discuss the pros and cons of managing big and small bands, the skills Kenzie’s picked up as she’s moved up the ladder, and our shared obsession with Ethel Cain.✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
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