Sounding Out with Izzy #46: Alice Bag

Photo by Jessica Gurewitz

Sounding Out with Izzy #49: THICK

Laura Galindo on Staying Emotionally Grounded and the Private Catharsis of Songwriting

Big Girl Release New Single “Black-Eyed Susan” and Discuss Exorcising Inner Demons Onstage

Sounding Out with Izzy #47: Shilpa Ray

Shalom on Her Upcoming Album, Her Love of Radio Pop, & the Rich Indie Culture of New Brunswick

Sir Jude Opens Up About Catholocism, Sexual Agency, and Feminism

BRIDEY Opens Up About Moving On and Leaning In

Ania Hoo Looks Inward on New EP ‘PURE’

A Conversation with Gordon Raphael

Thelma and the Sleaze on Pride, Self-Empowerment, and Keeping Local Venues Open

Photo by Tobaron Waxman

A Conversation with GB Jones: The Foremother of Queercore and Riot Grrrl

Photo by Audrey Steimer

Kate Bollinger on Bidding Virginia Farewell on New EP ‘Look at it in the Light’

Catching Up with Bad Static at Arlene’s Grocery

The Inflorescence Navigate Growing Pains on Debut LP ‘Remember What I Look Like’

Prismia: Embracing Rebirth on ‘Amongst the Emerald Mind’

Jess Jessica Steps into a Paradise of Her Own Making with ‘Streaming Music’

Razor Braids - Left to Right: Janie Peacock (lead guitar), Jilly Karande (rhythm guitar, vocals), Hollye Bynum (lead vocals, bass), Hannah Nichols (drums)

A Chat with Razor Braids About Their Latest Album and The Healing Power of Female Friendship

Scrounge: Making As Much Noise as Humanly Possible

Being the Cowgrrrl: A Chat with Sofiiak About Their Eclectic Debut

Lily Arminda Talks New EP “DTR (Define the Relationship)”

Photo by Gail Thacker

Chatting with Alex Sepassi of Silver Relics About Their New Single, Distant Planets, & Trent Reznor

Catbells Transforms Uncertainty into Conviction on “It’s Not Hard”

Roo Makes a Stunningly Chilling Debut with “Glo”

A Conversation with Catcher About Leaning Into Pessimism and Their Evolving Sound

Artist Spotlight: Celeste Felsheim of King Sheim

How Prince Johnny Merged Pride, Absurdity, and Melodrama on Their Newest EP

AntiHana: Rewriting The Rulebook of Indie Pop

I had the pleasure of speaking with AntiHana last week, and we discussed a myriad of topics including the beautifully sporadic nature of crafting different song stories, the liberating experience of channeling one of her most beloved rock icons for a music video, and the unmatched euphoria of nailing a songwriting session.ff

VIAL: Playing Nice is Overrated

When Sensitivity is an Act of Resistance: A Conversation with Puppy Angst

Photo by Olivia Durham

Mold Mom Shares 10 Tracks That Inspired Their Debut Album ‘Signal Flow’

A Conversation with Left at London About Pain, Pride, Loss, and Soulja Boy

Brooklyn Shoegazers PANIK FLOWER Make Their Stunning Debut with “Pretty Face”

Photo by Sarah Leslie

Tiny Ghosts on Their Arresting New Single “Grasp of Me”

Emma Blue Jeans Exhumes Hereditary Phantoms on Debut EP ‘TV People’

Shawna Potter on Making Spaces Safer, Accountability, & Conflict Resolution

monarch. on Their Treacly Debut EP ‘Sweet Little Things’

Discussing the Art of Not Giving a F-ck with Jessica Louise Dye (High Waisted, Hello Lightfoot)

Photo by Cirsty Burton

Dropper: Screaming Internally with a Smile Upon Your Face

War Honey Steps Outside with ‘Last Woman Left at the Market’

Photo by Martin Garcia

Live Review and Q&A: Trophy Wife at The Mercury Lounge

Photo by Lorielle Sum

Premiere + Q&A: Glad Rags Embrace Pure, Unadulterated Bliss in “What’s My Body Up 2?” Music Video

Cherry Pit Excises Paranoia on Debut EP ‘What a Pity’

Little Monarch on Touring, Talking Heads, and Artistic Evolution

Chatting with Sub*T About Their Debut EP ‘So Green’

Been Stellar Plunge Into an Uncertain Future on “Kids 1995”

A Chat with Zoe Zobrist About Classic Rock, Starting a Band at 13, and Motherhood

Chatting with Guyville About Their New Single, Beatles Songbooks, and Liz Phair

Photo by Gerardo De Sousa

Cassie Marin Traverses the Digital World on New Single “Busy Body”

Caroline Romano on New Single “The Hypothetical” & Being The Loudest Sort of Introvert

A Conversation with Gina Young About Queer Theatre & Feminist Historical Recovery in Music

A Conversation with Froggy About Their New EP, Riot Grrrl, and Frank Zappa

Interview with Francesca Fey of Goth Lipstick

Lily Arminda on Songwriting, Snarls, & Her Latest EP, “Neighborhood”

Divingstation95 on His New Album, David Lynch, & The Importance of Taking It Too Far

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