Thelma and the Sleaze on Pride, Self-Empowerment, and Keeping Local Venues Open

“Having lived through these cultural shifts in society where how you get music has changed so much, I think it’s crippling to artists that people will spend money on cryptocurrency and NFTs, but they won’t buy records… Venues and DIY shows are becoming extinct… so get the fuck out to shows and support these bands! You don’t have to like the band playing, so grab a beer and hang out with your friends outside. That these rooms even still exist is so important.”

– Lauren “LG” Gilbert, “Sounding Out with Izzy”

In the latest episode of “Sounding Out with Izzy,” Lauren “LG” Gilbert from Nashville-based queer blues rock outfit Thelma and the Sleaze stops by to discuss recording a live EP at Muscle Shoals, her band’s award-winning hometown touring documentary Kandyland, the But I’m a Cheerleader soundtrack, and the importance of keeping local venues alive under the ominous shadow of late capitalism.


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