Kate Bollinger on Bidding Virginia Farewell on New EP ‘Look at it in the Light’

Photo by Audrey Steimer

“I had a pretty idyllic childhood. I grew up with two older brothers who were always looking out for me. So I’ve always viewed my music through the lens of growing up and starting to see the world in very different ways than I did as a kid. And that’s what I always look for in other songwriters. I want to see the world through their eyes.”

– Kate Bollinger
Photo by CJ Harvey

In the latest episode of “Sounding Out with Izzy,” Virginia-based indie folk singer-songwriter Kate Bollinger stops by to chat about her new EP Look at it in the Light, how early childhood innocence drives the direction of her songwriting, her latest music video inspired by the Monkees and the Beatles’ Help! era, and her upcoming tour with Lael Neale.


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