Sounding Out with Izzy #46: Alice Bag

“My family had a little washroom when I was a kid, and I think my mom just wanted my sister and I to spend more time outside, but my sister had a little portable record player we would take into the little laundry room. I remember her playing twist-style records and we would dance around the washroom. That is one of my very happiest memories of being around my sister, who was of course my idol. Another musical childhood memory I have is my dad playing Ranchera music, which is the kind of music that Mariachis play. I learned the lyrics to some of the songs and I would sing and belt it at the top of my lungs. My dad really encouraged me to pursue this at a very early age. So those are two very positive memories related to music that I have from my early childhood.”

– Alice Bag


Sounding Out with Izzy” is a podcast where I engage in exciting conversations with dynamic female and queer musicians, music fans, and industry professionals about their personal backgrounds and how they’re fighting for positive change in the music industry. In the premiere episode of Season 3, I interview feminist punk pioneer, author, and self-proclaimed troublemaker Alice Bag. We discuss Alice’s life story and how she successfully managed to thrive in the music industry while maintaining her independent DIY ethos. Our conversation also tackles the art of survival, Alice’s legacy in punk history, and preserving the historical memory of unrecognized women who have made invaluable contributions to rock. 

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