Mold Mom Shares 10 Tracks That Inspired Their Debut Album ‘Signal Flow’

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Mold Mom (formerly known as Sofiiak) is a Seattle-based trio comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Sofia, bassist Kennady, and drummer Ziam. Their latest album, Signal Flow, is what you get when Bikini Kill and The Stooges form a musical marriage and give birth to Peaches and Lovefoxx. If that sounds like a mouthful, good. Because Signal Flow is no different. From the jovial bellowing and gritty garage guitars on “X,” to the clashing nu rave flavor of “Feel the Thrill,” to “Rebel Dog”–a playful mashup of The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” and Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl”–this record is a violent kick in the teeth that will make listeners want to dance at a Chateau Marmont rave circa 2007.

Music genres and pop cultural trends are often a reaction to the political zeitgeist. Riot Grrrl was in part a response to the violent opposition to abortion rights in the ‘90s. The British punk movement was a reaction to the economic decline and social restrictions of Europe in the ‘70s. And the blasé early aughts party culture known as indie sleaze was a response to the Great Recession and the post-9/11 Bush presidency.

Nowadays, we are facing a global pandemic, the dissolution of Roe v. Wade, and an endless barrage of the most egregious tragedies we’ve ever read in the news. Trends always resurge decades after they peak, which makes this enmeshment of past genres inevitable—we see it in everything from the ultra-bright maximalism in hyper pop mirroring the early to mid aughts electroclash boom, to the updated riot grrrl revival with bands like Big Joanie and Surfbort. And Signal Flow is a wonderful pastiche of all of the above.

Ahead of the release of Signal Flow, Sofia Krutikova of Mold Mom shared ten songs that inspired the record with A Grrrl’s Two Sound Cents. See below for ten of their picks and why they chose them.

SweetheartMicachu and the Shapes

My bandmate Kennady showed me this song and it really stuck with me. Micachu and the Shapes are an avant-garde experimental group that is sadly not around anymore, but all of the weird sounds and song structures make for such a good listening experience [and are super influential to me]. I would say [the song] “No Longer Human (Demo)” [on my album] is super inspired by this track. 

Grip Like a Vice – The Go! Team

Over the past year, I have been very inspired by the Indie Sleaze/Nu Rave music scene of the late 2000s early 2010s. So much great disco punk came out during that era. The Go! Team has super fun song compositions and their music makes me want to mosh and dance around. The album cover for “Proof of Youth” is collaged, which inspired the cover of Signal Flow.

Assholes – Mommy Long Legs

This group was one of my favorite local Seattle punk/riot grrrl groups ever. I discovered them when I was seventeen, and was literally obsessed. They broke up a few years ago, but this song stands its ground. It’s anti-capitalist, feminist art punk. What more could you want? They did some releases on Youth Riot Records, which is the label that printed the Signal Flow Cassette! The former band leader, Lolli, is also one of the best tattoo artists I know. I have two pieces from her and they are some of my favorite tattoos. She has a new band called Hell Baby, and they are one of the best bands in the local scene. Sofiiak played an awesome show with them at the Roller Rink in Seattle.

Don’t Light My Fire – Otoboke Beaver

This is another band I found when I was seventeen, and their hardcore punk energy is unmatched. The group is from Japan and the combination of their intense guitars, screaming vocals, and a beast of a drummer makes for such a great listening experience. The drums in this song are so bouncy, and I really love seeing bands emulate that technique within their music. Their intensity is super admirable. 

I’ll Come CrashingA Giant Dog

Okay, so this track is totally a comfort song for me. I discovered this song from a TV show back in 2017, and I always come back to it. The vocal delivery mixed with the telephone-like effects creates this super sludgy punk on-the-verge-of-a-mental-breakdown type of atmosphere, which did wonders for my angst as a teen. The guitars are so perfectly placed within the mix and my favorite part is at 0:40 when there is a drum fill, like holy shit that technique is so fucking cool and I always air drum along.

Trash People – Cherry Glazerr

Wow, talk about a gateway band. Cherry Glazerr was my first ever show when I was 14 and just getting into the indie punk scene. Seeing Clem Creevy shredding while smoking a cigarette during her sold-out Crocodile show really sparked something in me. [That was what made me say] “Ahhh yes, this is what I want to do with my life.” The line “my room smells like an ashtray” [was the catalyst] for my hobby of making ashtrays. I have seen Cherry Glazerr three times now, and every time I feel like I am giving my inner child a hug. They are one of my biggest inspirations, especially for this album. 

FML – Surfbort

Where do I start with my love for Surfbort? The first song I heard was “ACAB” and the second “Les be In Love.” From that moment on I was hooked. I knew of the front person Dani for a couple of years before knowing that they had a band but their style and hair and makeup are such inspirations for my own personal aesthetic. Back in April of this year I caught their set at Madame Lous and got to dance on stage for a bit, which was so epic! I hung out with them after the show and the whole band is super sweet. I love the line, “I’m the real thing baby!” It always reminds me that I am in fact ~that~ bitch and can do anything. 

Mandalay – Amyl and the Sniffers

I have been listening to Amyl and the Sniffers from the ripe age of 16, and on October 6th I am opening for them at the Showbox Sodo!!!! Like, literally that is insane. I am so excited and so grateful to Amy and her team for making this all happen. The punk vibe and the lyrics of this band are unmatched. My bandmate Kennady and I run a zine called Ra Ra Rebel and for Issue 10 we interviewed Amy Taylor from Amyl and The Sniffers and Dani Miller from Surfbort. I feel like that zine changed my life. I have a poster of Amyl and the Sniffers in my room from 2020 for a tour that got canceled due to Covid, and it feels so full circle to be a part of [that world].  

Free Fall From Space – Bam Bam

If you haven’t heard of the legendary grunge band Bam Bam, I would highly recommend checking them out. Fronted by Tina Bell, they are quite literally the pioneers and the first band to make grunge music in Seattle. The compositions are so dark and heavy and Bell’s vocals cut through the mix like a dagger ready to strike. There is a really good podcast about them here. Plus, the local scene in Seattle is so rich. I am so grateful to know about this band.

Suck My Left One – Bikini Kill

Okay, no inspiration list is complete for me without Bikini Kill. I saw them when they came to Redmond and holy fucking shit are you kidding me? That was one of the best mosh pits of my entire life. Like I cannot describe how much I love Bikini Kill and their message. So much so that [Kennady and I named our label/publishing company] Riot Grrrl Records. The Olympia Riot Grrrl scene had so many new ideas and concepts. I feel so lucky to be in Seattle, in a place so rich with musical talent and artistic inspiration. “Suck My Left One” is great because it’s about reclaiming your power.






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