Shawna Potter on Making Spaces Safer, Accountability, & Conflict Resolution

“People might not want to show up to a protest or march, but they will show up to a show. So if I have a captive audience, I always make sure they’re gonna hear what I have to say. And activism in these spaces doesn’t always have to be organized or planned. I’ve done impromptu chalking outside of venues with slogans on sidewalks and windows just to let people know “there’s some feminist shit happening in here tonight.” And if you’re not down with that, then don’t come in.”

– Shawna Potter, “Sounding Out with Izzy”

In the latest episode of “Sounding Out with Izzy,” Izzy is joined by Shawna Potter, lead singer of feminist hardcore punk band War on Women and author of Making Spaces Safer: A Guide to Giving Harassment the Boot Wherever You Work, Play, and Gather. Izzy and Shawna discuss tackling sexism in lyrics and on stage, Shawna’s podcast “But Her Lyrics…,” and her line of work as a consultant training clubs, concert halls, and venues to create safer environments for marginalized people.


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