Anne Bennett Ascends with “Hell Couldn’t Keep Me”

Photo by Courtney Brooke

Combining downtrodden bluesy lyrics with western gothic acoustics, Salem-bred singer-songwriter Anne Bennett’s new single “Hell Couldn’t Keep Me,” was released on October 28th, closely following her previous singles “Heavy Hand,” “Deep in the Shadows,” and “Highway Boys.” Despite being new to the game, Bennett has already managed to carve out a distinctly unique musical identity inspired by her roots in Witch City.

Inspired by Bennett’s ongoing fight to rise above her opponents, the song came just off the heels of Bennett being forced to rebuild her online presence from scratch after her Instagram account was targeted and hacked by online scammers.

“I wrote ‘Hell Couldn’t Keep Me’ because I was tired of being knocked down by certain people in my life. This song is my way of giving them the middle finger. No matter how hard you try to push me down, I will push through, because I never give up. I am more relentless than Satan himself. So powerful that Hell can’t even keep me underground,” Bennet explained.

As the song progresses, Bennett’s towering vocals glide over menacing acoustic strumming, tunnels of ominous feedback, and rattling percussion. Her domineering vocals strongly emulate PJ Harvey (who is one of her definitive influences), specifically To Bring You My Love and Is This Desire.

The way the release of this song aligns with Bennet’s fight to regain what she lost after being taken advantage of only makes the calculated anger in her breathy vocal delivery almost prophetic. But if anything’s certain, messing with Bennett will not bode well for anybody.






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