Vicarious Euphoria: Ranking Favorites from the ‘Heartstopper’ Soundtrack for Pride Month

“I loved seeing these queer teens live out their love stories on screen. But at the same time, I also felt so sad that I never got to do the same. That time in my life is gone. *POOF.* It’s disappeared, it’s over, and I’ll never get it back. So it also makes me deeply glad that we have shows like Heartstopper to show the beauty of the queer experience.”

– Hanna Smith, “Sounding Out with Izzy”

In the latest episode of “Sounding Out with Izzy,” Izzy is joined by special guest Hanna Smith, a journalist and child psychology expert, to discuss the beloved webcomic-turned-Netflix-teen-romance Heartstopper, and why it’s the perfect representation that they never got to have as teenagers.


Izzy’s Favorite Songs from the Heartstopper Soundtrack:

  1. Baby Queen – Want Me
  2. Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete the Kisses
  3. Frankie Cosmos – Sappho
  4. Orla Gartland – Why Am I Like This
  5. Smoothboi Ezra – My Own Person
  6. Rina Sawayama – LUCID
  7. CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue
  8. Shura – What’s It Gonna Be
  9. Matilda Mann – Paper Mache World
  10. chloe moriondo – I Want to Be with You
  11. Sir Babygirl – Flirting with Her
  12. Sunflower Bean – Moment in the Sun
  13. Chairlift – I Belong in Your Arms

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