Sounding Out with Izzy #45: Gina Young

Photo by Ben Johnson

“I played a show with my girlfriend in San Francisco last week and it was so nice to have a sound guy who wasn’t an asshole. I’ve faced so much [sex-based discrimination and homophobia] in the music industry. And now I’m at a point in my life where I’m wondering how I can move on from that. You can’t change the past. This applies to everything in life. Any experience you’re looking back on and wishing you could change, you can’t. So how do you figure out how to accept it and let it go? These are the deeper questions I’m asking myself these days.”

– Gina Young


“Sounding Out with Izzy” is a weekly podcast where I engage in exciting conversations with dynamic female and queer musicians about their artistic backgrounds and how they’re fighting for positive change in the music industry. In episode 45, I spoke with Gina Young (she/they) about their life in New York and her impact on queercore, riot grrrl, and anti-folk in the early aughts. Digressions include pretend barbie makeout parties, first high school same-sex crushes, and throwing intimate house shows with Regina Spektor in New York. 

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