Gustaf Interview: Sounding Out with Izzy – Season 4 Ep. 1

Photo by Felipe Torres

“I think it was the fact that we didn’t really have a lot of time to plan. We just sort of went for it. And being able to sort of see how that momentum worked, that sort of helped me get me out of my head and be like, “Okay, cool. Let’s just see how far we can take this thing.” So I just said yes to as many things as possible.”

– Lydia Gammill (Vocals, Gustaf)


Sounding Out with Izzy” is a podcast where I engage in exciting conversations with dynamic female and queer musicians, music fans, and industry professionals about their personal backgrounds and how they’re fighting for positive change in the music industry. Kicking off Season 4, we have Lydia Gammill, lead singer of New York art punk outfit Gustaf come on the show to reminisce on growing up in Massachusetts and Gustaf’s super busy year of touring on bills with Wet Leg, Yard Act, and Foals. We also geek out over producer/Speedy Wunderground founder Dan Carey, the Blink-182 reunion, and contemplate using color theory to boost the mood on our boring work days.

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