Tour Diary: Kinneret Documents Her Intimate U.S. Tour Highlights

Photo by AJ Hass

Kinneret is the Hebrew word for “harp,” and it’s also where Israeli musician Kinneret Klein got her birth name. The self-described indie psychedelic space cowgirl has experienced a meteoric rise to internet stardom in just the past year, captivating audiences with her emotive lyrics and swirling tapestries of sound. Bubbling synths and breezy hooks bolster Klein’s introspective lyrics, where she draws on her personal experiences with love, loss, and self-discovery on songs like her viral hit “No Wind Resistance!” and more personal cuts like “Learn My Name.” 

Last month, Kinneret wrapped up her first North American tour in support of her debut album All That I Know, bringing her unique bastion of psychedelic space pop to fans across the globe. To get a taste of her experience on the road, A Grrrl’s Two Sound Cents had Kinneret compile a tour photo and video diary for this guest post, which you can read/view below.

FIRST KINNERET TOUR IN THE BOOKS!! I went into this hoping to be inspired, and that’s exactly what I got. Pure Inspiration. Seeing you guys, REAL PEOPLE singing my songs and showing nothing but love reminded me that I don’t just make music for usernames, I make music for a specifical community of wonderful people across the globe who feel connected to the art I make. I am BLESSED TO BE WHERE I AM. Nothing less. I am going to make so much music this year. This is just the beginning. Thank you thank you thank you!


Chicago was the first night of the tour, so it was extra special. Nothing beat walking on that stage and seeing my fans for the first time, hearing them sing along. I’m going to remember that feeling forever!


My favorite part of the Toronto show was the meet and greet, when a cute couple told me that they fell in love to my music. They listened to my songs while stargazing on their first date! I mean come on.


BROOKLYN ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! Baby is MORE than alright! Had the time of my life, thank you for packing that room with your lovely faces – I’ll be back!


YEE HAW Y’ALL!!! Night 4 in the Lone State and you know how much I love stars!

Los Angeles

Ending the FIRST KINNERET TOUR in my hometown of LA was a dream! I grew up in LA and it was just bliss – I was blessed to have that night.







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